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Thursday, 1 December 2011

Jack Wilshere: All that's great about England

Been following Jack Wilshere on twitter since I first got an account, recently looking through his photo's and see a lot of photos with a young lad called Jack Marshall, and after some research I found this lad was suffering from A major tumor on his brain, and Wilshere had been there for support since he heard the story. Here's what I posted on Facebook about it:
Jack Wilshere, a 19 year old footballer for Arsenal, heard about a young lad who is suffering from a major brain tumor, and discovered this lad's brother was getting bullied at the park where he plays football. Since he heard of their story, he didn't just do the expected thing of him and send a signed shirt or ball, but he has been to play football at the park with the poor lad's brother, took the family out for a meal, took them to wimbledon, took them to his for a barbeque, took them to watch various Arsenal + England games, and he manages to find the time to regularly speak to the young lads on the phone.
Young people and footballers get a lot of bad press, but Jack Wilshere is a great representation of all that's good in the youth of England.
 Even if I step out of my football fan shoes for a minute, It's hard not to be impressed by this story.