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^please make sure to subscribe to my blog! I basically started this as I'm looking into journalism as a career and thought this would make pretty good practise! I'm a 15 year old leapyear baby, I suffer from Haemophilia, I am deputy head boy at Danetre, I'm very keen on acting, and I enjoy sport, so I'm hoping I will have a lot to write about! If people seem to show an interest in what I put I will hope to make it a regular thing, but for now I shall probably post as and when I feel a burst of inspiration. Hope you enjoy! :)

Sunday, 27 November 2011

Friday Musings #2

My week...
Firstly, I'd like to apologise for the fact my Friday musing has been posted on a Sunday. After 3 years of service my computer is suffering from wear and tear it would appear, and only now have I got it working correctly to some degree.
Moving on, it has been a fairly boring week for myself. As far as highlights go, I helped out with a friend at the parent's evening on Thursday, which involved 2 hours of a chat between me and Chris, and some fairly amusing chats with teachers, some of which probably wouldn't have been appropriate for lessons. This was followed by a trip to the music service for young people in Daventry. I had a pretty good two hours jamming with the bands of my friends, and met some pretty awesome people! 
I apologise for the lack of interesting-ness in my week, but I hope the rest of the blog makes up for it! Enjoy :D

What's on my mind this week...
Russell Howard's Good News is a great programme, but my favourite segment is at the end where an inspirational news story of the week is shown to highlight the fact "It's not all doom and gloom" as Russell himself would say. It got me thinking about who the idols in my life are. Whilst I could tell you about how Newton Faulkner is a huge inspiration when it comes to my desire to become a good guitarist, or how I would love to become an actor in the vain of Bradley Cooper, I thought a little deeper into the whole idols thang and realised that some people who I would class as inspirational are all people who others would consider to just be normal people within my school. There are a few people within my school (Not mentioning any names) who are massively inspirational in my school because they all have huge aspirations and interests and are working bloody hard towards achieving them. Some of these people have faced flak or abuse for doing what they do, but this has never stopped them and in the face of adversity these people have carried on and are on their way to or have become successful in not only achieving their goals, but in some case surpassing them. They may not get the recognition they deserve right now, but I hope for them they will one day go on to be successful in whatever it is they do!

My Top 5: Things wanted for Christmas
5. some new DVDs (suggestions in comment box are more than welcome) 
4. Paco Rabanne Black XS aftershave
3. New pair of trainers (preferably some form of Dunks/Hi-Tops)
2. Electro-Acoustic Guitar/Loop Station
1. Miranda Kerr. A lad can dream...

Anything Else?
My Sky TV is back up and running! I basically lose it every summer as the neighbour's trees block off the satellite, and we only have signal in the 6 months there are no leaves on the trees. ANYWAYS, I have been doing a lot of catching up on different TV shows, and watching a lot of comedy central as any self respecting lad should do. Two and a Half Men is just as greater show now in my opinion as it was with Charlie Sheen. This is nothing to do with Aston Kutcher, but Jon Cryer as Alan has been so much funnier than before in the new series! The character has become so much funnier now he is arguably the central character of the show, and I still enjoy the show as much as before. 
I'm off now to watch brand new South Park, followed by more Two and a Half Men, followed by American Dad, GOD I'VE MISSED TV!
Till the next time...

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