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^please make sure to subscribe to my blog! I basically started this as I'm looking into journalism as a career and thought this would make pretty good practise! I'm a 15 year old leapyear baby, I suffer from Haemophilia, I am deputy head boy at Danetre, I'm very keen on acting, and I enjoy sport, so I'm hoping I will have a lot to write about! If people seem to show an interest in what I put I will hope to make it a regular thing, but for now I shall probably post as and when I feel a burst of inspiration. Hope you enjoy! :)

Sunday, 20 November 2011

Friday Musings

If you're reading this in the morning, hope you had a lovely nights sleep! If you're reading this at the time of posting, GO TO BED!
This is basically what I aim of doing each week, so here goes! :)

My week...
It's been a slightly odd week for me I have to say. I have spent a lot of time off school with what on a recent trip to a hospital in Oxford turned out to be a Major Hematoma in my Patella (In Layman's terms an internal bleed in the muscle surrounding my knee). In this time, I have had to take 2 maths exams without any previous lessons on the subject this term. I think panic is a bit extreme, but it's certainly not a settling feeling to know your going into an exam half as prepared as most others. 
In the end I think I at least passed 1, and the other was fairly easy, so here's to hoping I do well in that!
One of the biggest issues that became clear on my trip to Oxford was that this injury is going to be here for a while. I've been told I can't do any sport for at minimum another 6 weeks, which really is not what I was hoping for. I've been missing my football and as much as I enjoy watching the team play, anyone who has had an injury whilst part of a sporting team will agree there's always a desire to get back in action! 
Overall it's not been too bad a week. When I look past the injury and the exams, my first week back at school has been fairly enjoyable. I also discovered the beautiful Big Tasty from McDonalds on my way back from Oxford. Think I have found my ultimate food heaven.

What's on my mind this week...
There's been a lot of fuss over this photo scandal on Facebook recently, especially aimed towards Sharon O Brien (for those of you who don't know, somehow photo's of her got onto Facebook and soon enough she was trending worldwide on Twitter, nobody knows the true reason as to how the photos arrived on the site but there have been rumors ranging from her being an actress working for an anti-bullying company, to her Dad uploading them). One of the most shocking things about it all was the abuse that was directed towards this young woman. I can only imagine the photos were never intended to be released for everyone to see, yet everyone seems to think they have some God-given right to call this girl an attention seeker and a slut, etc. One of the things that strikes me is that a lot of these girls sending this abuse either have NSFW photos as their profile pictures, and I imagine they may have sent crude photos to a partner before, they were just fortunate for the photos to remain private. I personally find it astounding the way people have been acting towards this girl, yet I can't imagine people reacting too kindly if they were in Sharon's shoes. There was blatantly no attempt for the photos to achieve this level of fame, so why people treat her as if she wanted this is beyond me. It's hard to defend our generation when we have moments like this on Facebook which are there for the world to see. 
To anyone who is unsure the girl has not committed suicide, and she is not an actor working for a cyber bullying company, and I would sure bloody hope it wasn't her dad!

My Top 5: Albums I Can't Take Off at the Moment
5. Professor Green - At Your Inconvenience
4. Jamie T - Panic Prevention/Kings and Queens
3. The King Blues - Punk and Poetry
2. Elbow - Seldom Seen Kid
1. Mayday Parade - A Lesson in Romantics

Anything Else?
Carrying on from the Top 5, if your a fan of Folk/Stripped back Acoustic music, I'd definitely suggest taking a look at Someone Told Me by Jake Bugg. He has a very unique and resonating voice, and his guitar skills for a 17 year old are pretty amazing in my opinion. Definitely a grower, so listen to it a couple of times with an open mind, and certainly don't dismiss the track on your first listen!

Hope you found that mildly entertaining! If you have any suggestion on features I could add feel free to let me know :)

Till the next time...

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