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^please make sure to subscribe to my blog! I basically started this as I'm looking into journalism as a career and thought this would make pretty good practise! I'm a 15 year old leapyear baby, I suffer from Haemophilia, I am deputy head boy at Danetre, I'm very keen on acting, and I enjoy sport, so I'm hoping I will have a lot to write about! If people seem to show an interest in what I put I will hope to make it a regular thing, but for now I shall probably post as and when I feel a burst of inspiration. Hope you enjoy! :)

Thursday, 17 November 2011

An introduction.

I've always wanted to write a blog but never really got around to it. One of my main reasons for actually starting one is mostly due to the fact I'm considering a career in journalism, and a blog seems a really good way to develop some of the skills that would be needed for such a career. I enjoy writing and I think I'll enjoy having a way to rant about popular subjects from now on instead of resorting to Twitter and Facebook and pissing people off with stuff they aren't bothered about haha. I really hope you enjoy reading the stuff I have to say on here, please refer me to anyone you know who may enjoy what I have to say, and please follow as in time I hope to make it a regular thing.
Thankyou all,
P.S. I think the plan (For now) is to do a fun little post once a week, most likely a Friday, featuring a list (i.e. top 5 ________, open to suggestion!) probably a little paragraph on something about the week, maybe what I've been up to or something. Any other features you can think of please feel free to suggest! :)

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